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My rate is $140 per 50-minute session. I accept credit card, debit card, and HSA card. Reach out to me to inquire about other payment methods. 

Therapy as an Investment

Therapy is a strange business. It may be the one type of transaction where you cannot preview the service before buying, you cannot test a sample, nor can you get a refund. Not only that, but you will also have to buy it over and over again, with no final sale in sight, all while seeing ups and downs in your pay-off. Hm!


It might help to look at therapy as an investment. What do you lose as a result of struggling? Can you afford to continue living that way? At what cost?


Conversely, what do you stand to gain? Maybe freedom you can or cannot even imagine from where you stand today. While I cannot make promises, it is possible that change can take you to places that are limitless and in many ways, “priceless.”


I believe therapy can and should make a difference from the beginning. And I do believe you will experience “returns” over time, whether those be tangible or intangible receivables.


While most of my clients are private pay, I am an out-of-network provider with most insurances. Follow the steps below to find out about your insurance benefits and how you can submit your claims. 

When calling your insurance provider, you may want to start the call by saying something along the lines of:

"I am seeking mental health therapy from an out-of-network clinician. My clinician does not provide direct billing so I will be filing myself. I have a few questions about my benefits."

Next, here are the questions to ask. You deserve clarity. Do not hang up until you understand the answers to the following questions:

1. "What is my out-of-network mental healthcare coverage, in-office or virtual, with a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern (RMHCI) working under a Licensed Counselor (LMHC/LMFT)?"

2. "What is my remaining deductible for out-of-pocket reimbursement?"

3. "What is my plan's maximum allowed amount for service code 90837 with a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern working under a Licensed Mental Health Counselor?"

4. "What is my plan's reimbursement percentage?"

5. "How do I file claims? How often? What details need to be listed on the billing statements written my treating provider?"

6. "How long will it take for each claim to be processed and for me to receive reimbursement? How will I be notified or where can I track this process?"

This may take a few calls and explanations to grasp. It is not user-friendly so have compassion with yourself. Feel free to reach out to me for guidance.

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