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Metaphorical image of a frozen cliff overlooking icy waters, representing the journey to find the right therapist fit.


"What kind of therapist do I need?"

If you are Googling 'should I see a therapist quiz' or 'How to find the right therapist quiz,' then you are asking the right questions.

When the right mental health professional focuses their therapeutic approaches on your mental health condition, that is good mental health care. That is your answer to 'what type of therapist should I see?' 

So let's find out what you may be struggling with and determine whether I am a good fit for your needs. Whether you feel overwhelmed or you are clear on what's challenging you, our free quiz can help. 

First, this AI-based quiz helps you understand whether mental illness may be part of your difficulties and whether you could benefit from therapy. It can also notice what your previous psychiatrist or psychologist might have missed or misunderstood.

Secondly, the clinician's report helps me determine the appropriate type of therapy and therapeutic strategy for you.


Let's make it easier for us to determine whether we should book our first consultation.

Allow me to get to know you before our initial session. Click below to get started.

Searching for the right therapist fit? Explore 'should I see a therapist quiz' and 'How to find a GOOD therapist Reddit.' Our free assessment guides you to the right mental health care. Discover 'what therapy is best for me' and 'what type of therapist should I see.' Assess your mental health journey, even if you have diagnoses, and benefit from our AI test. Learn about the right therapy type and strategy. Let's make it easier to decide whether to book our first consultation. Get started and let us get to know you better.

"So can you help me?"

I see you as a whole person, not a collection of diagnoses or symptoms. I “specialize” in therapy tailored to you, your personality, and dare I say, your soul. The rest is noise.


Yes, we will explore how you experience depression or anxiety, for example. But we do not stay there. I certainly will not give you advice or a checklist of steps on how to "solve" it. If you only needed a to-do list, I am confident that you would have already figured it out and you would not need me. Rather, I view these experiences as valuable messages from within that deserve to be read aloud for as long a time as they need us.


Knowing this, I have extensive training in navigating the following experiences with you:







Sex & Sexuality

LGTBQIA Identity and Experience

Kink and BDSM Lifestyles

Relationship Challenges

Psychedelic or Non-Ordinary Experiences

And beyond


I also attune to how all of your environments- cultures, identities, lands- influence your ways of relating to the world today. These too are important components that lead us that much more into you.

"I don't know what to do."

We won't know until we find out, together. Send me a message.

Thanks for submitting!

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